A first for everything

I cut my boys hair today and I realized why my boyfriend puts it off for as long as he can HA! Literally they moved every second. I kept feeling like I was going to cut their ear or something. Adiah is the oldest and I think he was the hardest. Mostly because his head is a weird shape. So it's hard. Cutting with the clippers wasn't that bad but when I had to "line them up" with the razor that was time consuming! 

I've been thinking about buying the boys some new clothes and shoes. I usualy don't have to buy them clothes or shoes because they are spoiled rotten by everyone. They have always had nice shoes, jordans,nikes converse..you name it. But since ive literally stopped talking to everyone they really haven't got anything. Besides a couple outfits from G's mom (grandma diana) and a pair of shoes from their dad. But they are growing so fast tht they hardly have any clothes that don't look 2 sizes to small. ha. So I was talking to my boyfriend about how I wanted to get the boys some jordans and a couple outfits when I got paid. I had already been looking at what shoes I wanted to get them (89.99 a pair!) G looked at me like I was crazy. he was like Do you realize how many pairs you can buy with 90$.? I was like well ya but these shoes are the good kind. (he wares jordans mind you) After that little dispute I realized he was right. I have a 2 and 3 year old boy who do not know how to take care of anything. they literaly destroy everything in their path. They deserve the world. But these boys do not know the difference between shoes from journeys and shoes from payless. If I were too put jordan shoes in front of them and 1$ spiderman shoes they would pick spiderman. They don't know what it means to pay 1$ or too pay 100$. As much as I want my boys to have the best of everything and always look nice and clean it's really not necessary. (the clean part yes) How are they going to enjoy being a kid if I'm pushing them into things that any other 2 and 3 year old wouldn't b interested in. 

So my lesson is now learned. once again my boyfriend wins!ha. I need to just step back and let my boys enjoy the spiderman shoes, dirty faces, sticky hands, cartoon shirts, mud, grass stains and everything else. Life isn't always about the material things. and the last thing I want is for them to feel like having expensive things is a must. Although it is nic to have nice things. But how good of a mother would I be if I taught my boys to worry about expensive things and other things on the outside insead of worrying about whats on the inside.

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