doctor appointment

Today was dre's doctor appointment..It went pretty well the doctor said he seemed to be growing well weight and height wise.He said that Dre didn't seem to have ADD/ADHD (thank god) but that it was a little too early to tell.He also said Dre was very smart! He said to make sure to tell his teachers when he starts school in a couple weeks too keep a eye on him and if they feel he is struggling to pay attention or obey the rules to give him a call and they will reevaluate him.He also said kids his age usualy fail to listen to their parents and when they are in a learning enviroment that they are completly different.I hope he is right and there won't b any need for him to go back. He also told me to make sure he is doing lots of learning activities and less tv time...I let him know how lazy dre he doesn't wwant to go outside ever he would much rather be inside watching tv...This is my fault iknow. Im going to have to cut back on tv time. 

Well im just thankful that it wasn't bad news. at least my lovebug is healthy thats all that matters.

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Comments (2)

  1. kurtcooksalot16

    It would be nice to make sure that my eyes are working right. I think there is nothing wrong with them right now. I just want to make sure because I got some foam in my eye a little bit ago.

    July 21, 2014
  2. jascieepinn

    Don’t worry so much! If the doctor says he’s normal, he’s fine. That’s the least of your worries haha if you start to see anything weird, just watch very closely, write down your concerns and observations, and bring them back to the doctor.

    July 23, 2014