Potty training is not the bizz

I'm at home trying to get this house organized. I'm sweating like crazy and my back hurts. But I am determined to get this shit done before my boyfriend gets home. I'm in my own little world. Boys watching spiderman eating some fruit and I decided to go over there just to see whats going on. And what do I smell? POO! OMG! I looked at dre and he knew. UGHH,, Idk what else i'm suppose to do. He pee's on the toilet but he refuses to poop. It's irritating because I have tried bribing him, scolding him, making him sit there for awhile nothing works. I'm like literally over it. I don't think he's ready. And I am over cleaning pooped chonies! When I cleaned them earlier it made me want to vomit. idk what to do honestly. this kid is difficult. When I told him he needed to poop in the toilet because that's what big boys do he just goes oooookaaaayyy mommy. all sad. ha I feel like he doesn't comprehend it yet. Idk why because he watches his brother go all the time. 

Adiah was brushing his teeth earlier and I just so happen to have my curling iron on because i was going to curl my hair. I went in the room to get there clothes ready to put on and all I heard was screaming. So i go over there thinking the worst. Dre punched adiah in the mouth or adiah stuck dres head in the toilet..god only knows with these boys ha! Nope. Adiah was reaching for his brothers toothbrush and his tummy touched the curling iron. So now he has a big burn on his tummy. Poor guy. I put a little medicine on it but he said it still hurts. I've never had to move my straightner or curling iron with the boys cuz i showed them it was hot. So they never even went for it or thought about touching it. Guess I have to be more careful with this stuff cuz accidents happen. 

sigh..mommy life.

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Comments (2)

  1. jascieepinn

    Aww. My mother told me all mommies and daddies will hurt their babies a few times. You just have to learn to forgive yourself. Your boy loves you so much, he’s already forgiven you So just keep that in mind and you’ll feel better! As for him not pooping in the toilet, I potty-trained by niece. What I’d do is, every time I went to the bathroom, I’d bring her (even if I was pooping hehe) and I’d have her sit on her little potty chair and eventually, after basically being forced to visit the potty room all day, she started going on her own (1 and 2). Try this and see if it works. It’s a lot easier than just waiting for them to have to go, especially when younger kids often have a harder time estimating when they’ll pass urine/feces than we do.

    July 05, 2014
    1. amandaadanielle

      you know what that’s actually a good idea i never thought of that i am going to try it! thanks!

      July 05, 2014