we are ready too learn:)

on a happier note, (that doesn't involve my crappy relationship problems;) 

I decided to get the monsters prepared for school. They have about a month and a half. But I want them to go in their knowing at least a little bit. Now they know the basics, like how old they are, their names, each others names and ages, Adiah can count to 5 ..dre not so much but he is almost there. they know some of the letters in the alphabet they know their body parts..i think thats about it. I don't feel satisfied with this. i know they are still little but I know if I pushed them a little and spent more time with them doing  more learning activities they can know more! So I went shopping earlier for some new books. I found these different dry eraser books that not only teach you to count but they teach you how to write the number one and too spell the number one..they basically just trace over the dotted lines.And when they are done they can erase it and start agian.I thought that was soo cool! I didn't even know they ha books like that! I tried it with Adiah..my poor baby didn't even know what the hell he was doing. It made me laugh though because I forget he is only 3. He just acts so much older.He caught on after a couple trys. I think he will get it in a few days. I haven't tried it with dre yet. He gets distracted easily so i think it's best if I teach them by themselves. I also bought them flashcards of numbers, shapes, colors and my first words. They are winnie the pooh I thought they were adorable. The boys not so much.ha they are boys they like spiderman and ninjas and all the other violent things ha. I also bought them a sticker board. I told them that if they got 5 stickers in a row they would get a toy. They only got stickers if they did something good and if they did something bad I got to take them off. They were more excited about getting a toy. I'm actually looking foward to this. Not only does it give me bonding time with the boys but it also helps them learn! They have too go to their dads 2mro..sighh.. so I have to hold off till sunday. 

some more good news...Dre has finally pooped in the toilet.! after two dreadful weeks of cleaning pooped chonies, poop all over the toilet and much much more..he has got it down..well hopefully since this is his first day. I am over diapers! seriously! I can't take it anymore haha. 

as much as these boys drive me nuts, i still love them,they are my heart and sole, the reason I keep on going. I couldn't ask for better little men.

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Comments (4)

  1. rebecca2013

    July 11, 2014
    1. amandaadanielle

      July 11, 2014
  2. jascieepinn

    YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD MOMMY! You actually get it!!! Humans don’t respond to punishment as well as they respond to positive reinforcement! I hate seeing people punishing their kids for not being able to understand things! My mom used to help me with my word cards and if I spelled the word wrong, I got a slap in the face D:

    July 12, 2014
    1. amandaadanielle

      sounds like my mom..! I learned from my mother..I would never want my kids to grow up feeling how I felt.It really fucks up your life

      July 13, 2014